Dr. Brigitte Bojkowszky

I empower corporations and entrepreneurs to cultivate cultures rooted in shared values, craft distinctive brand identities, and deliver unparalleled client experiences, guiding them toward a future where their brands shine with beauty, brilliance, and authenticity, attracting the recognition and clientele they truly deserve.


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Branding track record

  • In the last decade, I have supported many clients locally and globally with their branding by crafting meaningful and sustainable strategies that make them shine and thrive.

  • For over 20 years I have been teaching in the field of global brand, marketing, and management to thousands of international students at universities around the world.

Cultural awareness guaranteed

In my early twenties I worked as a flight attendant at Lauda Air flying long hauls from Europe to Asia, North America, Australia, Africa, Latin America. This work and travel experience laid the foundation of my multicultural perspective and global interest in strategy as well as in personal and organizational brands.

Academic prowess

  • Doctorate/Ph.D. in Social and Economic Sciences
    • International Marketing & Management
  • Master in Business Administration and Business Education
    • International Marketing & Management
    • Business Education & Further Education (certified Teacher & Trainer)
    • English
  • Semesters at UCLA, USA; NTU, Singapore
  • Marketing & HR Internship in India

All these ingredients of my 30+ years experience - some intentional some unintentional - shaped my life, made me what I am today and became my


Which, eventually, got me right into …


‘I love branding - and that’s what I’m doing. It’s all about brands.

What do I love so much about it? Strategizing brands is pure excitement for me! When building up a business from nothing, creating a product or a service, you have to infuse that special something! That meaning which represents you as a company, your product, your service, your experience you offer, you as your personal brand; that’s what you are! Brands are most precious! With your brand you illustrate what value you have to offer the world. This is what I will help you to achieve!

Let’s shine. You deserve it!

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  • Areas of qualification include:
  • Creating Your Venture: Personal Readiness & Customer Discovery
  • Funding Your Venture and Business Planning
  • Growth Leadership for Female Entrepreneurs
  • Product Development and Digital Marketing
  • Laying the Legal Building Blocks for Your Venture
  • Entrepreneurial Communication: Presence, Persuasiveness, and Negotiation



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  • Cornell University, Women Entrepreneurship Certification 2023
  • Harvard University, Division of Continuing Education
  • WU-Vienna, Coaching with the Stanford d.school Design Thinking Method: Creating new Solutions
  • Communication
  • Conflict Management
  • Feedback Culture
  • Group Dynamics/Processes
  • Education & Training Planning
  • Storytelling
  • My Voice – Key to my Professional Appearance
  • Get Ready for Public Outreach – Media Training
  • Voice training, a practical workshop
  • Connect with the World: Communicate and Present Professionally with Self-Confidence
  • The Art of the Free Speech
  • Negotiation Skills – The Harvard Concept
  • Nudging – Crowding-in Effect
  • Case Study Teaching: Theory and Practice, Harvard School of Business
  • L’Oréal Professor Master Class / Paris International ‚Brandstorming‘
  • Efficient Supervision of Master- and Bachelor Theses, Final Papers
  • The Art of Presenting Oneself
  • Leadership & Communication, Rhetoric & Communication, Sales, Presentation Techniques, Project Management
  • Robson, M.J., Schlegelmilch, Bodo B., Bojkowszky, Brigitte. 2012. Resource Deployment Stability and Performance in International Research-and-Development Alliances. A Self-Determination Theory Explanation. Journal of International Marketing 20 (1): 1-18.
  • Award for Meritorious Service, University of Missouri, Saint Louis, USA

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