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I help clients craft meaningful strategies that effectively elevate their brands to unleash their full potential.

As Greek philosopher Heraclitus observed,

“The only thing that is constant is change.”

To make brands sticky, brand leaders are required to shift their focus from consistency in assets – ‘does it look the same’ – to coherence in feeling – ‘does it feel the same’.

Together, we go deep to let your brand shine.

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Personal Branding

Be your true personal brand!
Whether you are a solopreneur or climbing up the career ladder. It’s more important than ever to be authentic and unique. With your most important asset, your personal brand, you illustrate what value you have to offer the world.
Potential unleashed.

Brand Reinvigoration

Empower your brand!
Brands need to capture the Zeitgeist. Agile brands are ahead of the curve. Distinct, coherent and enagaging, they evoke emotion and remain competitive.
Brands refreshed.

Brand Building & Positioning

Position your brand top-of-mind!
Want to be cutting edge and competitive? Occupy a distinctive spot in customers’ minds and hearts. Speak to your customers with the right brand that tells the right story and personifies your company’s voice and vision.
Branding strategy delivered.

Global Brand | Local Touch

Give your brand legs!
Are you ready to scale your brand across borders? It is vital to have a clear understanding of the markets you enter - from different countries to cultures to political systems to economies to rules and regulations to competitors. Should you standardize, localize, go “glocal” or invent?
Brands scaled.

Brand Extension

Grow and thrive your brand!
Fostering brand equity is a delicate step. Every extension of a brand - from new product development to entry into a new category to expansion of a brand portfolio - has to reflect that brand’s core values, philosophy, vision and mission.
Brands managed.


Inspire with your brand story!
Startups products and services need to not only offer unique solutions but also be distinctly branded. A compelling brand story is key.
Brand story it is.

17+ years of international experience.
Lots of references and partners.

Messages from my clients

Christian Prokopp

„Our branch managers really liked the seminar with Brigitte Bojkowszky because role situations were used to simulate management situations from our branch managers' daily routine. The participants were enthusiastic about the connection to their daily work and the lively presentation.“

Mafalda Luz

"I had the pleasure to be Dr. Brigitte Bojkowszky's student during my exchange semester in Vienna. It was, by far, one of the most well-taught class I had, where I felt I have truly learned something for life. Dr Bojkowszky is an excellent professor, extremely professional and very kind to her students. Her classes were always very inspiring to attend, and that kind of attention she has towards her students is extraordinarily rare to find. In short, Dr Bojkowszky's teaching ability genuinely makes a difference in her students' success!"

Hundegger Immobilien Consulting

“The workshop with Brigitte Bojkowszky was very successful. We strengthened as a team and got really well motivated at the same time. The energy was immediately noticeable and has become an integral part of our daily work.
The perfect coaching at the right time by Brigitte!
Thanks to Brigitte’s coaching we can focus much more clearly on our strengths again. Consequently, we were directed to market opportunities and strategies small businesses can pursue. Thank you for that.”

Sina Israel - Junior Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company

“Bridget was our trusted teacher and mentor in the field of brand strategy at WU Wien. Beyond, she supported my team during the business student competition ‘L’Oréal Brandstorm’. Not only her strong content guidance helped us succeed, she was also an inspiring coach helping to shift our mindset into 'a winning mode'. This has boosted our confidence tremendously and made a big difference. I could not have imagined a better coach than her.”

Mach 2 – Aviation Experts

Dr. Brigitte Bojkowszky has coached and supported us in building our brand “MACH2 Aviation Experts” in an exceptional way. We especially appreciate her reliable and efficient work style. With her valuable inputs, in particularly when it comes to our branding in English language, we have succeeded in building our brand MACH2 and in positioning it perfectly in the market. Her long years of international experience, her academic background, and her excellent knowledge in brand development and brand positioning has tremendously helped us in our startup phase.

Thekla Klingemann

"I took the 'Global Branding' course with Ms. Bojkowszky in the winter semester 2019 as part of my master’s degree. Ms. Bojkowszky has an incredible high passion for branding and knows how to explain complex issues in a simple and understandable manner. Her lecture was always interesting, with a high practical relevance and she always encouraged open discussions. Through interactive elements, such as smaller case studies or guest lecturers with practical backgrounds, she varied lectures and enabled me to gain a comprehensive understanding of theory and practice. Ms. Bojkowszky’s knowledge in the field of brand management made the lecture a very valuable experience for my future career; moreover, with her sympathetic and charismatic nature, she also managed to create a pleasant and trusting teaching atmosphere and motivated us to grow beyond us at any time."

Gianfranco Ciurlia

"Bridget is an empowering branding expert who is dedicated to combine insightful knowledge with a determined focus on the individual needs of her audience. This allows the participants of her course to learn concepts and grow themselves in a perfectly balanced environment. During the global branding class I took with her, she stood out because of her exceptional capability to convey complex content in a very approachable way. During her supervision of my master thesis, she offered the right support for me to overcome obstacles and was a great sparring partner for new directions of research. I would be delighted to take an additional course with Bridget and hope we can collaborate in the future."