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✨“Empowering: Personal Brand”💫

— Mindi Rosser

I had the pleasure to be in conversation with world-class LinkedIn expert Mindi Rosser, an unstoppable and passionate woman, who knows exactly how to create an exceptional and compelling LinkedIn profile to make your brand shine.

Tune in and 

💡get her advice on how to show yourself in your best version to the world via LinkedIn

💡take away key branding essentials for starting your own business

💡learn about the mango effect and how that relates to growing your LinkedIn Network

Mindi is a Social Selling Strategist, who helps innovators use LinkedIn to grow their business, manage effective business development programs & build strategic sales pipelines .

As a LinkedIn Coach | Social Strategist | Social Selling Consultant, Mindi is on a mission to educate and elevate how professionals use LinkedIn for business. She is collaborating one-on-one with dozens of consultants, subject matter experts, business leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, and influencers. Mindi specializes in helping professionals learn how to use LinkedIn for their businesses, to fill their sales pipelines, to build a meaningful personal brand, and grow their businesses without ever spamming for leads or using complex automation.

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