Kathrina Denk

Marketing Manager Australia
Austrian National Tourist Office

Kathrina Denk has studied „Sport-, Culture- and Eventmanagement“ in Kufstein, Austria. After having conducted an internship at the Austrian National Tourist office in Sydney she has decided to stay in „down under“ and became a permanent team member. Besides digital marketing efforts and the B2B support she also manages the Austrian National Tourist back-office. Her motto is „deepen and pass on the love to Austria“.


In this BrandsTalk interview Kathrina talks about how Austria is positioned as a destination brand in the Australian market. She gives a good profile about the Australian customers and who the typical Australian person is who spends the vacation in Austria!

Kathrina also dives into the marketing and communications strategies applied towards the different target groups and in how relevant localizing in distinctive markets is.

Furthermore, Kathrina points out how important and relevant it is to be a strong brand and having a sterling reputation in the tourism sector.

Lastly, she gives recommendations of brand building essentials in Austria and in Australia!

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