Gil Hanson


🔸 “Brands are only as good as the people behind them” 🔸

— Gil Hanson

Tune in and enjoy this cordial and educational talk with my distinguished guest Gil Hanson. He is a Brand Strategist, Design Leader, and Personal Brand Coach, who knows how to discover, inspire and deliver exceptional brand experiences for both organizations and individuals. In doing so Gil has stablished a certain reputation and has built his own personal brand.



We dive deep into:

💡What makes a strong personal brand?

💡What does it mean to be true to your personal brand?

💡Why is it important for leaders, company owners, to be cognizant of that?

💡We also discuss branding on a global level and what it means to understand cultural differences when managing brands across borders.

With his company Hanson Design Group he has been working closely with business leaders to help drive brand engagement for over 33 years. Thereby interacting and engaging with a unique and exceptional strategic, creative, and personal style. He focuses on an impactful user experience with beautiful visceral creativity that balances data intelligence with human experience. This engaging intelligent approach creates unique brand visions that attract and expand new and better opportunities for people and businesses. Gil is passionate about the big discovery moments that drive better people and business brand solutions. He provides in-depth personal brand training for C-Level executives and teams. His three-step process enables people to achieve their personal and professional goals.

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