Be your true personal brand

Whether you are a solopreneur or climbing up the career ladder. It’s more important than ever to be authentic and unique. With your most important asset, your personal brand, you illustrate what value you have to offer the world.”

With my massive growing interest in Personal Branding I searched for inspiring and educational podcasts in that field. Quickly I succeeded in my search and came across BE YOUR BEST, a podcast series hosted by the great brand design leader and strategist Gil Hanson. BE YOUR BEST is a thought provoking Podcast Gil started as he enjoys unfiltered conversations with others who have created successes with their personal brand for both work and play. I became an excited and loyal listener. I thought one day I have to get in touch with this guy as what he does so much resonates with my vision, philosophy and underlying values. To cut the story short, Jennifer Sherlock, president of Jenna Communications and one of my valued co-authors of our book Significant Women: Leaders reveal what matters most said to me, I need to connect you with a dear friend of mine, Gil Hanson, you guys have to meet! When she mentioned his name I asked her: are we talking about the same guy? We figured yes, we did! 

Was this a coincident?

Since then I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Gil as a thought leader, personal brand coach and as a dear friend.

I feel grateful and also proud to being featured as a guest on Gil’s podcast BE YOUR BEST, a show that as soon as an episode is live is in my earbuds on my run.

Tune in and listen for yourself!

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Be Your Best Podcast
Be Your Best Podcast – Design+PersonalBrand


In our episode I share my personal story of what made me what I am today. Why I am doing what I am doing and how. Why personal branding has become the heart of my purpose to empower others to shine, to unleash their full potential and getting the best out of them.

In specific, Gil asked me about:

  • how it all began for me to realize that I am here to serve. To be a servant leader in different roles where I can be at best throughout my life journey. 
  • what in my mind makes for a strong personal brand
  • who my biggest influences are and why
  • what it means to me to be true to my personal brand
  • what drives me to be my best.

Tune in and join our conversation! I am sure this is not the last conversation Gil and I had. There will be more stories on personal branding to come!



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