Deb Krier


✨ “Brands: Critical” 💫 — Deb Krier

You want to know how to build your personal brand on social media?

Tune in to this delightful conversation with the unabashed connector Deb Krier.
As a Linkedin Strategist for C-Suite, marketing professional, social media adviser, professional speaker and trainer she helps people become more successful in business and in life.

We specifically touch upon:

💡Dos and Don’ts on Social Media

💡What is or makes the best authentic brand online, on social media, and specifically on LinkedIn

💡Brand building advice for shifters from corporate to owning a business

💡Deb’s podcast, The Business Power Hour®, she has hosted since 2011, which is part of the C-Suite Network

Deb absolutely loves talking with her guests about a variety of business topics. Deb is president of Wise Women Communications, LLC, a full-service marketing and public relations firm. She has an MS in Communications Management and an MBA in Business Management.

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