Co-Founder & Partner

“Helping entrepreneurs make their dreams come true is the dent that investors can make in the universe” .

– Michael Schuster, Co-Founder Speedinvest

In this interview Michael Schuster, a well known seed stage investor, shines some light on the importance of branding in the startup scene.💡



✨ He talks about Speedinvest’s brand story, about the competitive landscape and whether being a strong investor/venture capital firm brand plays a role. 

He provides his perspective on  

💡whether branding is underrated and undervalued in the startup sector

💡why branding is crucial for startups

💡the challenges and impediments of a startup in terms of branding 

💡the advantages in an early-on startup branding

💡the major cultural differences between the North American startup and the European startup scene.

💡He gives recommendations about startup branding.

✨He also shares with us his opinion on which startups got the best branding and the best story behind their brands such as Uber and Clubhouse. 💫


Michael Schuster is a Seed Stage Investor. He is Co-Founder and Partner of Speedinvest, an Early Stage Fund in Vienna, bridging Europe and the US.

He enjoys when ideas come alive, develop and grow. He believes that helping entrepreneurs make their dreams come true is the “dent” that investors can make in the universe.

For more than a decade, he worked in the IT industry, riding the startup roller coaster on a daily basis. He not only built enterprise software and media startups, ranging from semantic-technologies-for-collaboration to social-media-monitoring, he also worked on the next generation of online banking and set up the first commercial bloghoster in Europe.

His master degrees and background in Computer Science and Economics and Business Administration enable him to work effectively with startup teams and founders to get their product ready for prime time, address customers early in the life cycle and build outstanding teams.

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