Brigitte Bojkowszky


✨”Brand: Your unique blend. The singular thing, that makes a difference in people’s lives.” 💫 — Brigitte Bojkowszky

In the past few weeks, I’ve often been asked the same question: why don’t you tell anything about you? Actually, that was a legitimate question as I always put the spotlight on my distinguished guests and never really on me. I’ve learned that people want to know more about me. So I talked about that to Rachel LeRoy, Founder of HipMaps, custom maps with a modern twist, and she said, hey I have an idea, why don’t we turn the table? Let’s turn the mic on you! I can interview you! And I said YES! 

We turned the table! 

It was time to introduce myself and tell my story!

✨”Do not apologize for being you, because being unapologetically you makes you true.” 💫 — Brigitte Bojkowszky

Rachel made the perfect host and we had a delightful conversation around

💡my life journey, which was a very unconventional path from flight attendant to student to corporate to professor to business owner

💡how easy and hard it was to transition into a business owner, what challenges and surprises popped up

💡my big WHY and my purpose

💡what a personal brand is and how to strengthen it

💡what a global and personal branding strategy does

💡who my clients are and how I serve them

💡the brand naming story of BridgetBrands

If you have a brand naming story, share it with us via commenting or messaging on social media or drop me an email; would love to hear about it!

✨“Brand: make someone irrational”💫 — Brigitte Bojkowszky

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