✨”A well-defined vision acts as your guiding light, steering your brand towards its destination.”💫

Imagine standing at the intersection of your present and your future, juggling the roles of a mother and a business owner. How do you navigate this delicate balance, ensuring that your personal and professional identities align harmoniously? Wondering how to harmonize these diverse aspects?

You’re surely not alone.

Recently, I had the privilege of being a guest on Mahnaz Sharif’s podcast, “Build with Boundaries.” In this intimate conversation, we explored the intricacies of building a bridge to our future selves while “cherishing” the present. Join me as I share details of our dialogue, touching on everything from mindset and personal identity to crafting a brand that resonates authentically.


60: Bridging the Gap: Navigating the Path to Your Future Self While Respecting the Present | with Brigitte Bojkowszky
60: Bridging the Gap: Navigating the Path to Your Future Self While Respecting the Present | with Brigitte Bojkowszky












Sharing the Journey

Being featured on Mahnaz’s podcast was an enriching experience, allowing me to open up about my journey—a mosaic woven with threads of academia, corporate ventures, and an unyielding passion for brand excellence going beyond the traditional boundaries of personal and global brand identity.

Building a Bridge to Your Future Self – Aligning Aspirations with Actions

Our conversation began with the idea of building a bridge to our future selves. It’s not just about envisioning lofty goals; it’s about the everyday choices that shape our path. How do we align our present actions with the person we aspire to become? This chapter unravels the practical steps and intentional choices that constitute this transformative journey.

Balancing Roles as a Mom and a Business Owner – Embracing Clear Priorities

For many of us, the dual roles of being a mom and a business owner can be overwhelming. How do you balance the demands of family and the ambitions of your career without losing a sense of self? It’s about setting clear priorities, effective time management, and being fully present in each role. This chapter reflects on the delicate art of maintaining equilibrium.

Where Branding Starts – The Mindset – A Personal Foundation for Success

We then delved into the essence of branding, emphasizing that it starts with mindset. As I shared my experiences, I highlighted the foundational role mindset plays in shaping our vision, mission, and values. How does one cultivate the right mindset, and why is it crucial for steering the entire branding process? This chapter explores the intimate connection between mindset and personal and business brand identity.

Mom’s Identity – Personal Identity – A Journey of Self-Discovery

The challenges of preserving personal identity while fulfilling the multifaceted roles of motherhood were discussed with compassion. This chapter takes you on a journey of self-discovery, acknowledging the significance of self-care and establishing boundaries to preserve authenticity while navigating diverse roles.

✨”Prioritize self-care practices and understand that it’s okay to ask for help when needed.”💫

Entrepreneurial Branding – Mindset, Personal Brand Identity, Company Brand Identity – Unveiling the Blueprint

The conversation then shifted to the 3-Step Branding Blueprint™, dissecting the importance of discovering and defining each of the three steps in the entrepreneurial branding process. This blueprint became a guiding light for our discussion, emphasizing how it serves as a comprehensive tool for discovering our true entrepreneurial identity.

Each step of the blueprint was explored in detail, moving from cultivating the right mindset to understanding personal brand identity and creating a cohesive company brand identity. This chapter emphasizes that branding is not just about external perceptions; it’s about aligning our actions with our true selves.

✨”Your personal brand is integrated into your company’s brand identity, aligning with your core values.”💫

Making a Difference in People’s Lives – Living Authentically

As our conversation unfolded, we touched on the transformative power of authenticity in branding. How does one go beyond transactions and make a genuine impact in people’s lives? This chapter explores the notion of authenticity as a catalyst for creating a brand that resonates deeply.

Crafting a Captivating Brand Identity – Consistency as a Key Ingredient

Practical advice for entrepreneurs looking to create a brand that stands out was shared. Consistency across all touchpoints, from visual elements to messaging, emerged as a key ingredient. This chapter reflects on the importance of a cohesive and authentic brand identity in building trust and leaving a lasting impression.

✨”Putting your authentic self into your brand elements resonates with your clients and employees.”💫

Closing Thoughts – Trusting the Process and Staying True to Values

As our conversation drew to a close, I left the audience with heartfelt advice. Trust the process, stay true to your values, and embrace continuous growth. This chapter reflects on the personal nature of this journey, highlighting that building a brand with boundaries is about aligning actions with our authentic selves, ensuring sustained success.

✨”When you are rooted in who you truly are, life becomes so much easier.”💫

Critical Takeaways for You

🔑 As you embark on your personal and entrepreneurial path, remember that success lies not just in external perceptions but in the alignment of your actions with your true self. Trust the process, stay true to your values, and build a brand that reflects the authenticity of your unique identity.


I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Mahnaz Sharif for the incredible opportunity to be featured on her exceptional podcast show, “Build with Boundaries.” It was a truly enriching experience to share my personal and professional journey on her platform and engage in a thoughtful conversation about navigating the complexities of building a brand while honoring personal and professional identities. Mahnaz’s insightful questions and the warmth of her podcast provided a beautiful space for authentic dialogue, allowing me to connect with the audience on a deeper level. I am genuinely thankful for this opportunity to contribute to the meaningful discussions that “Build with Boundaries” consistently brings to its listeners.

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