Maria Gruber

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In this interview Maria talks about the global essential oil company Young Living! She explains its network marketing business model and how it is different to traditional and classic sales business models. Moreover she enthusiastically describes how she is building the Young Living brand by the means of network marketing in Austria.

She also provides us information about her own company Maria Gruber and how important branding is as a solopreneur. In this vein, Maria picks up on the concept of IKIGAI, which helps finding solutions focusing on the four pillars: doing what you love, what you are good at, what the world needs, and what you can be paid for.


Maria Gruber is in international marketing, sales and business development and has a passion for personal branding and social media.

She has earned her Bachelor in international Business Administration and Economics at Leopold-Franzens University Innsbruck in Austria and studied International Management and Marketing at University of Miami/in the US.

She started her professional career at Unilever Austria followed by executive positions with Sara Lee in Germany/CEE and Italy. Moving on from cosmetics to textile/lingerie and onward to jewellery managing US, Canada, South America and Spain for the FreyWille  brand.

After many years abroad, she returned to her home country, Austria, moving also further into the digital marketing roam as well as the publishing industry as an executive and a consultant.

Women’s magazines are still her major pillar when it comes to the media landscape in Austria and up until 2018 she has been responsible for the leading magazine’s B2C and B2B marketing as well as the brand development into new lines of business.

Two years ago she eventually decided to become a solopreneur and founded her own company Maria Gruber!