Davide Cardarelli

Strategic Consultant
and Advisor

How to successfully develop and sustainably grow Brands across Continents /w Davide Cardarelli

Based on many years of global experience with brands, Davide Cardarelli, provides us his perspective on successfully developing and sustainably growing brands across continents.



As a Change Agent he works with a specific model, the “Consistent Value Creation of 3 Equity Components”, which he explains in detail and how it relates to brands.

Davide Cardarelli is a global business leader with broad expertise and diversified experiences in the industries of Strategic Advisory, Construction, Oil & Gas, Sportswear, Fashion, Beauty, with responsibilities for Europe, North and South America, South-East Asia, Middle East and Africa.

For 8 years he led Nike as CEO Africa, where he conceptualized the vision and led the implementation of the Long-Term Strategy for leadership in Africa.

He also served as Kiko Milano CEO for India, Middle East and Africa, responsible for creating the business model, introduce, grow the Kiko brand, set up partnerships, create unrivalled retail experiences for the consumer, and establish/coach the region winning team.

He currently provides strategic advice and consultancy roles to Brands, Conglomerates, which aim at taking their business to the next level through: Corporate Strategy definition and Objectives identification, Risk and Opportunity assessment, Brand/Product (re)positioning, conceptualization and improvement of Consumer Experience. M&A, Debt/Organization/Management assessment and restructuring.

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