Neeta Solanki


✨ “Brand identity is about how you want to portray yourself to the outside world, who you want to be known for” 💫

— Neeta Solanki

This quote ties nicely into the title of our episode ‘Don’t let others define you’ as you are fully in control by stepping into your courage, claiming your power and owning your brilliance. This leads to authenticity and builds long-term trustworthy relationship with your clients, business partners and every single person.

Neeta Solanki is a leading-edge business mindset strategist.

In this podcast Neeta explains:

💡how she helps entrepreneurs and small to medium business owners to elevate their performance and reignite the fire and passion back into their life and business,

💡her tailored unique agile framework (the 5 P’s) thereby emphazising what ‘stamping your presence’ means in terms of marketing,

💡how to make decisions with confidence.

Using her tailored unique agile framework that encapsulates her 20 years of experience in change management, accounting, marketing, process improvement, scenario planning and using analytics, Neeta works directly with those entrepreneurs, small to medium business owners who are looking for the competitive edge, those ready to make the difficult decisions that provide the cashflow to bridge & navigate any terrain facing them.

She believes it is time to powerfully partner business leaders to STOP surviving and start THRIVING, armed with proven business strategies that infiltrate any business challenge now and in the future.

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