Martina Ernst


As John F Kennedy once quoted:

✨“Let us never negotiate out of fear, but let us never fear to negotiate.”💫

Tune in to my colorful conversation with Martina Ernst, experienced international manager, entrepreneur, consulter, networker, where she shares with us how to negotiate from a place of self-worth and confidence instead out of fear and what skills we need to cultivate to make this happen.

Martina is an unparalleled expert in helping women seize opportunities and be successful in business. Therefore our talk strongly focuses on how we strengthen our courage and self-worth so that we can earn our worth because we are worth it.

In particular Martina talks about:

💡how to strengthen our courage to step into our self-worth

💡how to conquer fear in salary negotiations

💡which salary & negotiation skills we need to cultivate to advance our careers

💡how women better advocate and seize opportunities

💡pitfalls to avoid in salary negotiations

💡what a Fair & Equal Pay is and how a company can become an even more attractive employer when it comes to remuneration

💡her presidency of the Female Leaders Network and the importance of being part of a women network

✨“Empowerment is when you are allowed to step on the shoulders of someone and to rise.”💫

Martina is an experienced international manager, entrepreneur, consulter, networker, and a proven expert for Fair & Equal Pay. In 2019 and 2020 Martina Ernst founded her own consulting companies, SalaryNegotiations and ColourfulCareer focusing on Compensation, Fair & Equal Pay, Career, Leadership, Change and DEI. Martina has 20+ years of experience in international senior management in the finance and service industry, most recently as Head of Human Resources at Erste Bank Austria, as Global HR Business Partner at UniCredit Headquarters in Milan, and as Managing Director CSE Europe and Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Berlitz. Martina works in close cooperation with WU Executive Academy (Business School of Vienna University of Economics and Business) as a Career Partner, as President of the Female Leaders Network (1500 alumnae), as a Board Member of the International Advisory Board (4500 alumni), as a lecturer at a master’s program and on the WU Board of Learners. She is an active member of Zukunft.Frauen (future.women), the leadership program of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digitalisation and Business and the Federation of Austrian Industry.

✨“Brands are important because this is what you stand for.”💫

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