Diversity, Inclusion, Equality Leader
IKEA, Austria

✨ You as a consumer have the power to decide which brands you really want to support with your money and as a coworker every day you decide for which company you want to work for! Don’t forget what power you have as a person! 💫 — Nicole Steger



🎙 I had the pleasure to interview Nicole Steger, who is the diversity, inclusion, equality leader at IKEA, Austria. 

💡 Nicole provides insights on IKEA’s considerable efforts in their quest for diversity, inclusion and equality. She clarifies IKEA’s understanding of diversity, inclusion and equality and explains how IKEA is internalizing and living its philosophy and values in a sustainable way.  💫

Nicole Steger has been the diversity inclusion equality leader at IKEA Austria since March 2020.

She did her Master in Psychology at the Leopold-Franzens University Innsbruck and her Master of Science at the ARGE Vienna.

Moreover, she mastered the traditional European herb health education in Lofer Pinzgau – which is her home region.

She is passionate about coaching, management consulting in the field of human resources, herbal workshops, mindfulness and people.