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✨”Weight loss clients are also overwhelmed because there is so much shoulds and whys and self-blame and shame. Everything else that goes on the outward, you wouldn’t know it. Right? We can look the part, we can show up, we can give beautifully to others, but inside we are crying.”💫

Are you feeling weighed down by the challenges of entrepreneurship?

Do you yearn for transformative strategies that not only rejuvenate your business but also your overall well-being?

In this episode of BrandsTalk, we explore the enlightening conversation with Clarenda Price, Founder, and CEO of Clarenda’s Empowerment, a luminary in the field of holistic life coaching. Dive in as we uncover transformative strategies that can help entrepreneurs shed the burdens, feel lighter in mind and body, and unlock their full potential.

Transforming the Entrepreneurial Journey Holistically

In this riveting podcast episode, Clarenda Price shares her holistic approach to life coaching, one that transcends traditional weight loss programs. She champions the idea that true transformation begins within – in the heart, mind, and body. Let’s explore the key takeaways from this illuminating conversation.

  1. Mindset Matters: Elevate Your Inner Game

Clarenda emphasizes the profound connection between mindset and success in any venture. Shifting from self-criticism to self-empowerment and positivity can work wonders. Her coaching philosophy revolves around addressing the whole person – a holistic approach that goes beyond just physical weight loss. It’s about nourishing emotional and mental well-being.

✨”Story: We have our outward story, and we have an inward story”💫

  1. Sustainable Weight Loss: Reset Your Hunger Hormones

The discussion delves into practical strategies for sustainable weight loss. Clarenda highlights the importance of resetting hunger hormones, especially insulin. By controlling insulin levels, you can curb cravings, tap into your fat stores for energy, and achieve lasting results. Her insights into the dopamine-driven lure of processed foods provide a fresh perspective on mindful eating.

✨“Self-worth: Identity. Integrity is necessary”💫

  1. Mindful Eating: Finding Balance and Sustainability

Clarenda’s take on intermittent fasting is enlightening. Instead of rigid schedules, she advocates for intuitive fasting. This approach encourages individuals to extend the time between meals until genuine hunger strikes, helping reconnect with the body’s natural hunger signals. Recognizing true hunger, differentiating it from emotional or habitual eating, is the first step to mindful eating.

✨“If they’re not in alignment, you can’t feel that sensation of satiety. You don’t know when you’re full.”💫

  1. Empower Your Choices: Mindful Eating and Emotional Health

Clarenda introduces the concept of allowing urges and emotions without judgment. This compassionate approach empowers individuals to make conscious choices rather than succumb to cravings mindlessly. She provides an arsenal of tools for staying mindful, including distraction techniques, journaling, and self-compassion practices. Additionally, the “Letter from Future Self” technique serves as a powerful reminder of long-term goals during challenging moments.

✨“When people are actually able to allow the urges, the urge doesn’t control us anymore”💫

  1. Elevate Personal Wellness for Entrepreneurial Success

The podcast takes a captivating turn toward applying holistic principles to entrepreneurial success. Clarenda underscores the vital link between personal well-being and business triumph. She urges entrepreneurs to invest in personal development, fostering self-awareness and emotional mastery, which in turn enhances productivity and genuine interactions.

✨“One of the powerful questions at the end of the day is: “Am I proud? What am I proud of that I did today?”💫

  1. Rituals of Success: Morning and Evening Practices

Discover the transformative impact of morning and evening practices. Morning rituals set intentions and rev up energy for the day ahead, while evening practices involve reflection and planning for personal and professional growth. Prioritizing self-care and maintaining a positive mindset ensures entrepreneurs give from a place of abundance, not depletion.

✨“Future self: Beautiful, empowered, free, and in control”💫

  1. Embrace Uncertainty: Detachment from Outcomes

The episode wraps up with a powerful message on embracing uncertainty. Entrepreneurs are encouraged to show up, do their best, and let go of rigid expectations. Clarenda suggests that sometimes the results can surpass initial goals, and remaining open to possibilities can lead to unexpected greatness.

Feel Light, Mind and Body Podcast: Empowering Your Transformation

As a bonus, Clarenda introduces her podcast, “Feel Light, Mind and Body,” designed for those seeking digestible yet empowering content. Episodes range from 10 to 20 minutes, respecting your time while offering valuable insights for personal growth and well-being. Clarenda’s teaching-oriented approach ensures you leave each episode with practical takeaways that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily life.

So, are you ready to embark on a transformative journey where entrepreneurial success harmonizes with personal wellness?

Clarenda Price’s wisdom in feeling light in mind and body unveils a path toward boundless possibilities. Tune in, empower yourself, and let your entrepreneurial spirit soar!

✨“If every individual on that team, in that organization, had the self-awareness and had some mastery over their thinking and their feelings, and could feel empowered, feel light in their heart, mind, and body relationships, they will be more present.”💫

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