Kerstin Gruenling


✨”Confidence is the most important thing in the world, and it makes you loved and shine.”💫

In this BrandsTalk episode, I interview the inspirational and unparalleled Kerstin Gruenling, Brand Photographer, about how we step into our superpower, get to own our brilliance, and shine in front of the camera.

The multi-award-winning professional photographer Kerstin Gruenling talks about all things:

✔How we own our brilliance and shine in front of the camera

✔Why we get to be visible on camera

✔What Brand Photography and its ROI is

✔Whether Selfies have a place in marketing

✔How we choose the right brand photographer for our business

My advice: what are you waiting for, why not get in touch with Kerstin right away? 

✨”Brands mean the world to me. I just love how we are our own brand. Understanding that was a real light bulb moment for me, and it was so empowering”💫

Kerstin specializes fully in Brand and Personal Brand Photography. 

She built a successful business during the Pandemic and is now working nationally and internationally. Kerstin has gained deep knowledge and expertise in all things branding and brand building and is passionate about helping other business owners to establish their brand visually, look professional, and to overcome the fear of being visible online. 

She provides not just Brand Photography but a Brand Photography Experience that connects her deeply with her clients, their purpose, and values in order to produce the perfect, scroll-stopping, and unique bank of on-brand images that will help her clients to look fabulous, feel more confident and move their business to the next level.


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