Daria Tiesler


✨“You need to have a vision of what you want, and suddenly things begin to fall into place.”💫

Tune into my conversation with Daria Tiesler, former performance athlete, when she tells us her story of how she managed to overcome old beliefs, changed her identity, and redefined herself!

Daria was a professional athlete for 17 years. She worked with the top leaders in the health, fitness, coaching, and wellness industry in the UK and around the world… until her knee injury, and everything changed.

Her extraordinary experience laid the foundation for becoming the UK leading feminine peak performance enhancement specialist focusing on hormonal and gut health, mindset, conscious body transformation, and holistic leadership.

Now Daria is the CEO and Founder of HPM Wellness & Daria Tiesler Wellness. Her mission is to help midlife women entrepreneurs level up their performance game to thrive.

Daria’s work challenges old beliefs and patterns and sets you up for redefining yourself. In this BrandsTalk Live Daria explains exactly how she does this. She gives advice on what actions we can take right now to redefine ourselves, to take on an identity that gets us into our best version.


Daria dives deep into:

  • how former performance athletes cope with the change of taking on a new identity
  • how to build an authentic brand
  • how to stay focused on SM platforms that resonate
  • her holistic approach to branding 
  • her take on the top 3 branding mistakes you wish to avoid


✨”When you are working as an entrepreneur, you actually have to go out yourself. No one is going to kick you. And often we are lonely on our journey. Join communities! There are women who are feeding your values and beliefs because they are going to kick your ass a little bit. We all need it, and don’t be shy that you also need it.”💫


From old beliefs to a redefinition of yourself


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