Zineb Layachi


✨“Video: be yourself”💫

🟠 Want to learn how to give your prospects a freaking good reason to choose you?

Get all the answers from the amazing Zineb Layachi, Founder of “Raise the Runway”.

“My angle is going learn. What made others buy from you? What made others follow you? What made others choose you? Go learn and double down on that. And, go ahead.”💫

Zineb and I had a fun conversation about:

  • how we make our content more appealing and high-converting
  • how we learn from our customers
  • how we repurpose our recorded calls
  • how we become more confident on video
  • how we can elevate our personal brand and be our best

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✨“Repurposing is a game changer. The purpose of repurposing is twofold. One is you’re being more efficient and two there’s a lot of gold.”💫

Zineb brings over a decade’s worth of experience, from business development and sales enablement roles to marketing, where she has been a two-time CMO. Today, she is the proud co-founder of PitchSLAP, investor pitch mentoring for tech founders and pitching masterclasses for accelerators and incubators. She is also the founder of Raise the Runway, a marketing consultancy that teaches entrepreneurs what they should be talking about instead and gives them the confidence to show up as themselves. Zineb is actively mentoring early-stage founders in pitching and marketing through international startup communities. 

“T-shirts: I gotta love them. I’m like a walking billboard. I’m a walking billboard.”💫


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