Rachel LeRoy


✨ ”Done is better than perfect. Because you’re never gonna get anywhere if you tweak and tweak and tweak and tweak and tweak until it’s perfect […] It’s never gonna go out if I don’t just launch it!” 💫  — Rachel LeRoy

How to bring joy to your guests?

💡Easy: through personalized maps! What maps? Curious?

Tune in to this delightful and fun conversation where Rachel explains her unparalleled and unique business HipMaps.


💡Moreover, Rachel brings her perspective of what an authentic personal brand is and she has got some great tips on how to strengthen it.

💡Rachel also gives some pieces of advice for women who want to start their own businesses, who want to be the face of their own company and their best.

✨“Brands: Identity”💫  — Rachel LeRoy

Rachel LeRoy, the founder of HipMaps, is a custom map designer who uses a fresh approach to bring joy through personalized maps for any occasion.

Rachel specializes in maps where hosts share their favorite places to eat, drink, and play and Rachel creates their personal map in their style. HipMaps is unique because hosts share their custom map with guests via HipMaps’ free smartphone app, where guests see their location right on the host’s map. These personal and informative maps are a great way for hosts to enhance their guests’ experience at business events, retreats, weddings, reunions, vacation rental homes, inns, & more. 

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