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✨“Brands are, who you are and reflect on it and share it with the world. The brand is who you are, your life story. I always say like your brand is basically your life story put into fulfilment.” 💫 — Barbara Ulmer

Do you have a vision? Can you envision yourself in 3 years, in 5 years, in 20 years’ time? Do you know what legacy you want to leave behind?

We all should have visions, short term, long term, project related, personal and more encompassing life related visions.

A vision is important in life. You want to know where you are going. A vision acts like a compass to heading in the right direction, to keep you on course.

Seeing language as a vision is a completely different perspective to take. According to Federico Felllini, a different language is a different vision of life.

In this episode I have the pleasure to be in an interesting and thoughtful conversation with Barbara Segun Kunle Ulmer. She is the Founder and CEO of BU Language.

“Learn a new language using my system or programs in record time or at your own pace, for an easy transition depending on your needs. We have the expertise to lead you further in your career”. — Barbara Ulmer

Her aim is to help people communicate easily in another language to reach their specific goals.

In this episode we learn about Barbara Ulmer’s perspective on language as a vision and why learning other languages is a doorway to wisdom. We also hear Barbara’s take on personal branding, what it means to her to be our authenticity self, and how personal branding ties into languages.

Barbara has three Masters in English, French, and German from Europe with teaching experience in Oxford, England, and studies in Freiburg, Germany, and Paris, France. Barbara has been an expat for almost 20 years, so she knows firsthand what it is like to transition culturally.

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