Brigitte Bojkowszky

hosted by ELONA LOPARI

✨”Branding for me is very holistic.”💫

Ever wondered what sets a remarkable brand apart from the rest?

I’m thrilled to share my recent guest appearance on “The Life School MasterClass Show” hosted by the amazing Elona Lopari. The focus of our conversation was a topic close to my heart – “How an authentic brand skyrockets your success.”


From my proprietary 3-step branding blueprint to diving deep into the intricacies of authentic branding, dispelling common misconceptions:

Authentic Branding Unveiled

  • The importance of the right mindset in branding
  • The trust factor integral to branding

Crafting Global Brands

  • How lessons from the airline industry translate into crafting globally resonant brands.

Branding and AI

  • The strategic imperative of infusing human touch, meaning, and purpose into brands in the age of AI becomes a central theme.

In-Depth Branding Insights

  • The intricate world of branding, exploring its nuances, and debunking misconceptions.
  • The transformative journey from personal to company branding, emphasizing the foundational role of a robust mindset.
  • The dual facets of branding, rational and emotional

The Significance of Storytelling

  • The secrets behind authentic branding, offering practical insights for entrepreneurs navigating the evolving landscape of success.

✨”Creating a personal brand: It’s a reflection. It’s hard. It’s challenging. It makes you cry. It makes you doubt. But you need to go through that in order to know who you are, who you truly are, so that you can be authentic. And it’s not authentic someone else tells you you have to be. It’s about who you truly feel you are, and you make the decisions based on that.”💫

How an authentic brand skyrockets your success – Takeaways:

  • 💡Holistic Branding:

Understand that branding is a multi-dimensional process that goes beyond visuals and starts with mindset.

  • 💡Foundational Mindset:

Embrace a growth-oriented entrepreneurial mindset as the foundation of authentic branding.

  • 💡Transformative Journey:

Recognize the importance of personal branding in the evolution towards a robust company brand.

  • 💡Balancing Rational and Emotional:

Build brands that seamlessly balance the rational and emotional aspects to connect deeply with the audience.

  • 💡Embracing Challenges:

View challenges as life’s mysterious notches, opportunities for growth, and follow your dreams at any age.

✨”Richness in meaning means there is a story to tell. […] It’s a story that we tell and people can relate to that because they say, wow, she went through the same stuff.” 💫

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