Parissa Hagirian

Professor of International Management
Sophia University, Tokyo

Join me in my conversation with Parissa Hagirian, who shares her perspectives on brands in Japan. She will talk about the challenges international brands face entering the Japanese market and why Japanese brands are so successful.


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Parissa Hagirian is Professor of International Management at Sophia University, Tokyo and an internationally renowned expert in international management with a focus on Japanese management.

She has published several books and articles on the topic of Japanese management, e.g.: „Understanding Japanese Management Practices, Multinationals and Cross-Cultural Management: The Transfer of Knowledge Within Multinational Corporations and Successful Cross-cultural Management: a Guide for International Managers“.

She advises companies on intercultural cooperation, and coaches top-level managers searching for new perspectives and the potential for success. Moreover, she regularly gives keynote lectures at conferences and corporate events across Europe and Asia.

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