Alex Pinter


In this interview Alex Pinter talks about how brands can win in the digital age!

In building his two companies, playersvote and trayn he knew that only with a good branding strategy he can win his target customers’ hearts! He provides insights about how he did it! 💡



He also addresses:

💡 why it is crucial for start ups to create a brand early on in the founding process

💡 what the most common branding mistakes startup founders make

💡how to avoid them!

✨ He also shares his thoughts about the most recently launched brands that got the best branding and best story behind their brands.💫

Alex Pinter is a digital leader and product guy with a strong startup-mindset. He is a serial entrepreneur and the Co-Founder of PlayersVote and Trayn.

With PlayersVote, he aims at bringing sports and e-sports fans much closer to live-action through smart widget integrations for mobile apps, websites, Messengers, live streaming, respectively, OTT-platforms, and playable ads.

With Trayn, he helps top-organizations in sports making strategic planning for athletes simple, efficient, and fast.

Both companies are investor-backed and got a huge US-focus, as undoubtedly the USA is number one in sports worldwide.

Additionally, he is also an external lecturer at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, the Technical University Vienna, and FH Joanneum, teaching on entrepreneurship and startups.

Before entering the startup space, he was a fast-track Accenture alumni who graduated with two masters, one in International Business at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and the other one in Sports Science at the University of Vienna. During his International Business Studies, he also did a semester abroad at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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