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✨”If you’re stuck in the wrong mindset, you’re not getting anywhere.”💫

Starting a business can be an exhilarating and challenging journey. In a recent episode of BrandsTalk Live and Podcast, Marie K. Torossian shared her experiences and insights on why she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey. She also discussed her mission of helping accountants and CPAs elevate their firms’ revenues through social media.

Explore Marie’s story, her unique approach to merging accounting and social media, and the platforms she recommends for generating leads.

The Trigger: Moving Beyond Corporate Constraints

Marie, who had experience in the public sector and corporate accounting, felt limited in her professional growth. She realized that she had reached a ceiling within her organization and desired to make a broader impact. Marie noticed an opportunity to assist small businesses with their accounting needs, particularly in structuring their finances and complying with regulations. Additionally, her growing family motivated her to seek the freedom of time that entrepreneurship could provide.

💡 Recognizing the need for professional growth and wanting to contribute to the success of small businesses were key drivers for Marie to start her own business.

Merging Accounting and Social Media

Marie’s unique proposition involves combining accounting expertise with social media marketing. Understanding the significance of social proof in today’s world, Marie realized the importance of establishing a presence on platforms where potential clients can find and trust her. She initially struggled with crafting engaging content but later honed her skills by learning marketing strategies from industry leaders like Grant Cardone.

💡 By leveraging social media, accountants can build trust, attract clients, and position themselves as experts in their field.

✨”In this day and age, social proof is everything.”💫

Bridging the Gap Speaking the CPA Language

One significant challenge Marie encountered was finding the right balance between accounting expertise and social media communication. Many social media marketers lacked an understanding of the distinct language and nuances of the CPA world. Marie discovered an opportunity to fill this gap by offering social media services tailored specifically for accountants and CPAs.

💡A combination of accounting knowledge and social media expertise is crucial to effectively communicate with potential clients and establish credibility.

Blue Ocean Strategy – The Opportunity

Standing Out in the Market While there were other professionals claiming to help CPAs, Marie identified a blue ocean opportunity. She realized that most competitors failed to bridge the gap between accounting and social media, making her services unique and valuable. This positioning allowed Marie to establish herself as an expert and authority in her specific niche.

💡 Identifying an unaddressed market need and offering specialized services can help entrepreneurs stand out in a crowded industry.

Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms

When it comes to lead generation, Marie suggests that accountants focus on platforms where they can connect and engage with their target audience effectively. While LinkedIn is a professional platform, she found it challenging to initiate conversations due to a perceived barrier. Instead, Marie has found success on Facebook and Instagram, especially through active participation in relevant Facebook groups.

💡 Tailor your social media strategy to platforms where your target audience is most receptive and engaged.

Building Trust and Relationships

Marie emphasizes the importance of creating a know, like, and trust factor with potential clients. By consistently delivering valuable, educational, and entertaining content, entrepreneurs can establish themselves as reliable experts in their industry. Engaging in conversations and providing solutions within Facebook groups enables entrepreneurs to build relationships and receive warm referrals.

💡 Focus on building relationships, delivering value, and nurturing trust to convert potential leads into clients.

✨”Community is super important. I feel like everything that I need to do needs to impact my community, whether it’s like my personal community or it’s a business community. So whatever I do, I wanna always be the resource and the benefit to the community.”💫


Marie’s journey from corporate accounting to successful entrepreneurship highlights the power of merging accounting expertise with social media marketing. By recognizing market gaps and capitalizing on the opportunities presented by social media, Marie was able to carve out a unique niche and build a thriving business. Her approach of combining accounting and social media not only helped her attract clients but also positioned her as an authority in her field.

Marie’s story serves as an inspiration for accountants and CPAs looking to expand their horizons and tap into the power of social media. Embracing the possibilities offered by this digital landscape can lead to new opportunities, increased revenue, and a stronger online presence. So, if you’re an accountant or CPA looking to take your business to the next level, consider integrating social media into your marketing strategy and embark on a journey of growth and success.


Passionate About Modernizing the CPA Industry When Marie started her CPA firm in 2020, she realized how difficult it was to get consistent referrals and leads using social media. Her struggle became an opportunity…she hired the top names in the industry to learn the skills/strategies needed to train and push herself to the next level. This vast knowledge became her strength & inspiration to create The Profit Lab, which mission is to help fellow accountants and CPAs 10X their firm revenues by getting consistent referrals and leads using social media. Marie has over 30 years of business experience, having helped dozens of clients as a financial auditor, controller, and Chief Financial Officer. She is also a certified 10X coach, speaker, and mentor, a certified public accountant, and a chartered global management accountant. 



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