John Vuong

Founder | President
Local SEO Search

How to draw more targeted clientele to your brand’s website and storefront w/John Vuong

John Vuong provides valuable takeaways about SEO and how it relates to branding.

• John explains what SEO exactly is, why SEO should be in the media mix of every company and why it is more a long term strategy.

• He elaborates in detail how important SEO is for companies starting their business, building and managing their brands.

• He talks about what mistakes company owners make in terms of SEO and gives advice of how to do it right.

• He reveals his hardest take-aways and learnings starting up and growing his own business Local SEO Search.

• He shares with us what it means and how important it is to him to give back and make an impact as a good corporate citizen.

John Vuong is the founder and president of Local SEO Search!

With his Local SEO Search, he educates his clients about how to draw more targeted clientele to their websites and storefronts, and why design, optimization, and authoritative content expands their bottom line, with a high return on investment.

As a full-service digital agency, Local SEO Search is a one-stop shop for small and medium-sized businesses. The company provides analytics, design, regular audits, keyword research, and social media marketing. Local SEO Search has been recognized as a top SEO agency in Canada by a leading B2B market research firm.

As a graduate of the University of Western Ontario, John earned his Bachelor of Administrative and Commercial Studies (ACS).


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