Jennifer Hocutt


✨“Brands: impactful and representation”💫

— Jennifer Hocutt

Your resume is your golden ticket to getting hired for your dream job, networking with the right people, or building a successful business.

Tune in a thought provoking conversation with Jennifer Hocutt about winning the competitive battle for your dream job and career with a compelling resume. Learn how to achieve a competitive edge as an authentic  personal brand that is aligned with your underlying values and career goals.

Jennifer dives deep into:

💡the three most important resume writing tips everyone should know and embrace?

💡the don’ts that should absolutely be avoided?

💡 she gives advice for corporates who want to  to become their own boss, their own face of their business, build their own personal brand.

Jennifer Hocutt is a career strategist, leadership development trainer and motivational butt-kicker. Jennifer is helping people achieve their career goals one resume, career strategy, and development training, at a time.
Jennifer supports professionals who are overwhelmed, frustrated, struggling and feeling defeated in their careers by increasing their confidence and strengthening their skills, so they enhance their value, grow their wealth, and expand their opportunities.
She literally rescues clients from professional isolation. Whether it’s guiding them in implementing a winning career/job search strategy or providing professional development training to aid in the success of company goals, they need a competitive edge – that’s where Jennifer comes in and helps, she is the competitive edge!

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