Maria Kauffman


✨ “Brand: Personality expressed in a picture form” 💫

— Maria Kauffman

Are you an Everyday Heroine? My guest, Maria Kauffman, definitely is. I had the pleasure to be in a profound and at the same time fun conversation with Maria. She is inspiring women in STEM and male-dominated industries by sharing perspectives in a way that unleashes growth and helps others overcome challenging obstacles while moving problems toward resolution.

Our conversation circles around:

💡Maria’s exceptional transition into solopreneurship.

💡How exactly she helps her clients gain freedom from the pressures of trying to be “perfect” or feel like “an imposter” to build a fulfilling and prosperous career.

💡Her “The Everyday Heroine” Podcast and what the defining characteristics of an Everyday Heroine are.

💡Invaluable mindset tips that help us be our authentic self allowing us to own our brilliance, step into our courage, claim our power and shine.

Tune in and find out what makes you an Everyday Heroine! 

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