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✨“Brands: Personality. Brand personality is such a nice concept to work with. Don’t treat branding as a marketing thing, as an abstract, technical thing that you have to do. It’s really something that you are.”💫 — Katja Marianne Noordam

We are  eyewitnesses of a unique time where social and values-driven consumption continues to rise. In fact, sustainably marketed products and services outperformed their conventional counterparts across 36 categories in 2020. In 2021, they outgrew consumer packaged goods as a total. This is an important shift to note. The world is finally changing, slowly but surely and steadily towards becoming a more sustainable and socially purpose driven one. People want to feel good about what they’re buying, consuming and supporting. They’re asking more questions that need answers at the point of sale, whether online or offline, around topics like the ethical treatment of workers and animals, and fair trade. More and more companies are pivoting and placing their social values they live by and operate on in the foreground.

In this episode, Katja Marianne Noordam, social impact strategist and coach, is supporting exactly those companies in their efforts on branding for social purpose.

Katja dives into how purpose-driven entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized companies can plan, measure and increase their positive social impact.

In specific, Katja is telling about:

  • her positive impact stories of her time living in Colombia, her take aways from these extraordinary experiences, and
  • how she is now supporting companies shifting their focus on providing their services in a socially purposeful way, moreover
  • her perspective on the importance of being authentic in what we are doing as a company but also as a personal brand.

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How to Brand for Social Purpose

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