Kathy Svetina


✨“Empowerment: Women”💫

— Kathy Svetina

There are large companies that have huge teams of experts taking care of their finances. However, you as a growing business are expected to figure this out on your own! No, you don’t need to! Thanks to Kathy Svetina, she has got you covered.

After nearly 14 years in senior finance roles in large corporations, Kathy Svetina started NewCastle Finance. Kathy Svetina is a Financial Puzzle Solver for Women-Owned Businesses, a Fractional CFO and offers Financial insights for a healthy and sustainable business. 

In this conversation Kathy shares with us deeper insights on

💡her mission to help women grow their businesses in a healthy and sustainable way

💡how she works with women business owners who need financial and strategic business guidance but are not there yet to justify the investment of having a full-time CFO to support their business.

💡the most important key factors to consider when scaling your business

💡why branding early on in building your own business is essential

💡what an authentic personal brand means to her

💡her podcast “Help! My Business is Growing”.

If you are a growing business and in need of financial advice you would not want to miss this episode! 

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