Jeff Wickersham


✨“Consistency breeds confidence.”💫

For Jeff, not only consistency is key but also living our true selves and being full of energy so that we can serve in our best version.

Listen to my conversation with Mental Toughness and Peak Performance Coach Jeff Wickersham when he shares his success formula for building an unshakeable mindset and strengthening our confidence muscle so that we can intentionally step into our best version.

Jeff is the creator of the Morning Fire Methodology and author of the book “Rise, Fight, Love, Repeat: Ignite Your Morning Fire”.

💡 He explains beautifully the four steps we get to take in the morning to be ignited and on fire so that we achieve everything that we visualize in our life. 

✨”Success: Freedom to do what you want, when you want, with who you want.” 💫

Contrary to many people, Jeff believes that “every single one of us has a hero inside that is just waiting to be unleashed.”

💡 He explains how we find the hero in us!

✨”Accountability: It is the key to unlocking your potential.” 💫

Moreover, Jeff provides insight into

💡Why authenticity and vulnerability are important

💡How to go past the fear of putting ourselves out there

✨“Brands: How do you wanna show up to the world?”💫


Jeff Wickersham is a sought-after accountability and peak performance coach who helps guide clients to intentionally step into the best versions of themselves and unlock that inner hero waiting to be unleashed. Jeff’s a #1 best-selling author, Tony Robbins award winner, podcast host, speaker, and creator of the 4-step Morning Fire Methodology. He recently completed his second David Goggins 4x4x48 Mile run, has meditated for 1,706 straight days, and taken an ice bath or cold shower for 1,362 straight days. If you have that itch that you can be more, do more, want more, Jeff can help get you there!


How to build an unshakeable mindset to intentionally step into our best version


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How to build an unshakeable mindset to intentionally step into our best version

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