Chris Colt


✨“Mindset: focus on where you’re going. Whatever is holding you back, just release it and focus on the mission.”💫

If you are a mission-driven subject matter expert who wants to build a thriving community via a challenge but you’re not quite sure how to go about it, tune into my conversation with Chris Colt, the Challenge Champion, he takes the guesswork out of it.

Chris goes deep into

💡 what challenges are

💡 why challenges work so effectively

💡 why running challenges also with no followers yet

💡 how challenges relate to communities

💡 how to best utilize a challenge in an online business funnel

Purpose: what you’re going after you’ll never stop going after it until it’s achieved.”💫

Register here for Chris Colt’s challenge week beginning of October “My Challenge Champion™ Framework To Scale Your Community”:


Chris is here to raise the bar for building thriving communities for missions that matter. He Helps Mission-Driven Subject Matter Experts Build Thriving Communities via Challenges. Since 2017, Chris has worked with impact-driven thought leaders, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and organizations looking to create a scalable culture while creating new income streams. With more than 25 years as a sales leader, he contributed to launching two startups that exceeded $100M in sales in under 3 years and a community that generated $1B in sales in under 5 years. He is an avid cyclist and finished in the top 20% of one of the hardest mountain bike races in North America, the Leadville 100.

Entrepreneur: a person who’s going out and creating new things that can make a change in this world and won’t give up. An entrepreneur is willing to stick it out. So the mission is accomplished.💫



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