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✨“Interrogation: I’m a stickler”💫

🟠 Wanna know how to bulletproof your brand? 

In this episode I’m in conversation with Dan Goodwin, Keynote Speaker – Strategic Business Consultant and Advisor – Investigations Specialist – Provocateur of Pattern-Interrupt

Dan drops all the value bombs on:

💡how we can arm ourselves for interviews to obtain exactly what we want and need to move our businesses forward and what pitfalls to avoid. Dan’s advice:

  • Establish some baseline questions so that you can get some baseline behaviors.
  • Observe their body language and their behaviors. How are they reacting? Are there any differences in verbal and nonverbal behaviors?
  • The percentage breakdown of where the focus lies in communication: 7% are the words we speak, 38% is tonality, and 55% is nonverbal. 
  • We need to look deeper, there is more layering, and a little more filtering to figure out what needs to be asked. 
  • Use previously provided information to do the gut check. 

💡how we can protect our brand from infringement. Dan’s advice:

Be very methodical in your research. Can you do this yourself? Or is it time to hire a professional?

💡Moreover, it is not always about logical reasoning. It takes “grit and use of intuitive skills”. Dan highlights the interplay of rationality and intuition, which helps us to arrive at smart decisions. Dan’s advice:

Awareness is half the battle. How you feel about something doesn’t make it true. You really must take a step back and examine the facts and then double-check yourself. Do your own thinking and don’t accept the truth from anybody. Go research. Make sure you get back to source data, make sure you fact-check it, and then fact-check the fact checkers to make sure that they’re good.

💡how we can bulletproof our personal brand to be our best. Dan’s advice:

  • There are skeletons in your closet. Drag them out and smash them with sledgehammers. Sometimes those things play bigger in our heads than they are. Every entrepreneur has failed businesses. If they don’t, they’re lying.
  • We’re not perfect. We need to cut each other, some grace, mercy, and love. Use the failure as a stepping stone to never make that mistake again 
  • Then focus on the future. Have goals, and be organized. Make sure that you have gathered all the data points together in some sort of coherent package. And then full speed ahead. 

✨“Brands: Reputation”💫

Before he was bitten by the Entrepreneur bug, Dan Goodwin finished 19 years at a Fortune 100 company where he served as a Regional Security Manager.  While there, he conducted internal investigations, including fraud, theft, and human resources issues.
After Dan left corporate America, he started several businesses, including security consulting, real estate, coaching, and mentoring. In his current businesses, Dan uses his investigative background to assist business owners and corporate management teams in researching and obtaining information to move their businesses forward. Mainly providing business advisory and consultancy services, primarily for businesses as they prepare for scale-up opportunities.


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