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How do we achieve our goals we set? We start wit the end in mind and reengineer, we work ourselves backward. In every single step of the way we are intentional in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Personal effectiveness is all about doing the right things and being efficient is doing the things we do right.

Here comes the 10/90 rule of personal effectiveness in play, which according to Brian Tracy, is: “10% of time that you take to plan your activities carefully in advance will save you 90% of the effort involved in achieving your goals later.”

Personal effectiveness is also topic of my conversation with Lee Stemm discussing about escaping the corporate world and making bold moves in becoming your own boss! 💡We talk about all what it takes to make this transition. 💡We go deep into what it means to fail forward, listen to your intuition, being consistent, having the passion and being intentional in your pursuit, and much more.

Lee Stemm puts her clients first! She takes the time to stay to talk to her clients.  She is having real, hard and open conversations with her clients. Doing so they uncover by themselves how their thoughts dictate their behavior. And she is a great listener what makes her clients move forward. That’s a huge part of her strong authentic personal brand. She only became aware of that when clients told her, which shows the power of feedback.

Lee Stemm states that personal branding is no BS marketing. It’s about rolling the sleeves up, understanding that it takes time to actually build the business. You need to be inspired and you need to keep on track, be accountable and you need to have the willingness to keep moving forward and taking action.

Lee Stemm  is a Mindset Coach | Business Marketing Strategist | Corporate Trainer. She coaches business owners, in particular women business owners, who are wanting to grow their business, increase leads, conversions and more profits. She does this by implementing strategic marketing strategies that will assist them to dominate in their market whilst putting in place the strategies that will not cost them a cent.


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