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✨”Story is the most powerful marketing tool.”💫

For all the entrepreneurs out there who want to build a strong brand and a thriving business without wasting time on social media or paying for ads and agencies this is a must-listen!

You will learn about Simone Sauter’s Publicity Rockstar™ Method, which she uses to teach her clients to get all they need to build an impactful brand: Visibility, Authority, Credibility, and Trust (VACT).

💡Simone tells her personal story of how she got featured in media outlets, such as Cosmopolitan, Instyle, and Closer, and on countless podcasts and TV shows, built a blog with 100.000+ monthly organic readers, and has created an advertising value of more than € 3 million in just 18 months.

💡Moreover, we discuss

  • the misconception about PR and
  • most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when pitching media/podcast shows

💡Simone also shares what being a ‘personal brand’ means to her!

✨”A brand means success to me. If you have a great brand, then you will be successful, no matter what.”💫

Simone Sauter is a certified PR Consultant & Visibility Strategist, Publicity Rockstar™, and bestselling author. She teaches coaches and consultants how to get featured in prestigious magazines and podcast shows so they get seen, heard, and highly paid – without wasting time on social media or paying for ads and agencies. Simone has built a very successful coaching business herself, solely by utilizing the power of the media and podcast shows. She is a certified PR Consultant with two decades of experience in the media and PR world. Before her entrepreneurial journey began in 2014, she worked as a journalist and PR manager for several Fortune 500 companies.


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