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✨”A brand to me means, I think immediately of the Ferrari. So a whole way of living.”💫

🥂Are you dreaming about living and leading a Live the DolceVita way? 🍾 

What does “LA Dolce Vita” actually mean? Usually with think of luxury in terms of having a lot of money, a top position in a company, being invited to all the different high-society events, driving expensive cars, and spending time at 5-star hotels… the list goes on and on and on. 

This is about the outside world in which many find themselves living. 

But are they living it internally? 

How do you feel when you look inside yourself? Are you really happy? Does/would this really fulfill you? Often we feel empty inside, we feel not complete and question our higher purpose. 

For many of us, the Dolce Vita way means eventually pursuing our own path, breaking away from the boxed-in life, and starting something of our own. 

Listen to Angela’s insights and learn how to apply La Dolce Vita Lifestyle to your own life and business and discover the secret to living a more fulfilling life.

We go deep into:

🍸 How and why she shifted from corporate to her own business

🍸 How she came up with the ‘la Dolce VITA’ brand

🍸 What detours she had made regarding her brand

🍸 What the Dolce VITA mastery model is

🍸Why it’s so relevant, and why now

🍸 Why should a leader care about the quality of life

🍸 What the pillars of the Dolce Vita are

🍸 Where one can start

✨”Never forget yourself and always put yourself first in your own queue before your business”💫

Italian by birth, and cosmopolitan by vocation, Angela Santi is the one-of-a-kind boutique-style Leadership and Lifestyle Consultant for rebellious and ambitious elite entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives. With almost 30 years of business experience (18 as an entrepreneur), and humanistic background, she has pioneered the Dolce V.I.T.A. Leadership and Lifestyle Mastery Model, a lively, tailor-made, and strategic approach for empowering her clients to thrive by living and leading the Dolce Vita way, so that they can smoothly grow their business, have a fantastic lifestyle and create organizational cultures that improve their employee’s lives and overall wellbeing.


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