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“Let’s shine!”

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Maria Gruber on her FB Live show “Magnetic Talks”. We had an interesting discussion around personal branding of “How to make your brand shine”. 

We started off with my own personal story and my journey into entrepreneurship. Then dived deep into when I developed my passion for brands and why I focus now specifically on personal branding. 

I explained what the term “personal brand” means to me. What the first few steps are in building a personal brand or what action plan to follow when you already have a business (and a personal brand), but want to pivot and “relaunch” yourself in terms of changing career, entering a different industry, or simply attracting a different clientele.

Apart from the workshops, trainings, 1-on-1 sessions, and teachings I offer I had the wonderful opportunity to talk about my signature digital personal branding course, “Own your brilliance, make your brand shine” which I will launch in November. It is a 5-weeks course for boxed in corporates, working 9-5, who dream about and desire to become their own boss. Who have a side hustle but lack the confidence and clarity to make the transition into entrepreneurship and build a brand that shines their customers love them for.

I help them to get there, to make this transition from feeling unhappy in their 9-5 job, to being confident and crystal clear in their path to becoming their own boss, thereby unleashing their true unapologetically authentic personal brand that shines.

If you are an unhappy boxed-in corporate working 9-5 and always have dreamed about becoming your own boss and live the life you always wanted stay tuned by signing up to my newsletter. I would love to welcome you to my community. There will be more information about my signature digital personal branding course to come.

Tune in this cordial Magnetic Talks episode about personal branding

Magnetic Talks – How to Make Your Brand Shine – Personal Branding




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