Angelic Marnier


✨“Digital CEO: Freedom”💫

Do you want freedom and flexibility in creating digital products that will draw in more customers and generate passive revenue, but you do not know how to?

Digital Course Creation Coach Angelic Marnier – Business Coach takes the guesswork out of it! 

Angelic shares her wisdom and all the hidden gems we need to know when it comes to:

💡What can someone create a course about that will sell in today’s market? 

💡Do we have to be an expert in order to make money with online courses? 

💡Can we monetize even if we don’t have a huge audience? 

💡How much time does someone need to commit to creating a digital course? 

💡What’s the money really look like, what can we make?

💡Angelic’s three branding ingredients for strengthening our personal brand as a digital CEO:

    • knowing exactly who you serve
    • what results you can get your audience
    • being authentically you so people can identify with you and see themselves in you

✨“Women Empowerment: That’s the future. Get ready!”💫

Angelic Manier was long in Corporate America, said goodbye to her boss, and decided to start her own business by jumping into the online space. Online courses were the one opportunity that she was able to actually create an income. She figured if she could create a great lifestyle from online courses, she should show others. So she opened up the doors to Corporate Countdown, where she shows people how to take what they already know and package it into profitable online courses, so they can create a passive stream of income. 


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