Karen Falkenberg


“Empowerment is so key to being your best self. Because we all have inherent power. We just need to have the opportunity to recognize it for ourselves and unleash it right.”💫

Tune in to my insightful conversation with Karen Falkenberg, Master Health Coach about how to prioritize your most important career and business asset: your health. We discuss the HOWs and WHYs of high-quality nutrition and fitness supporting mental wellness and what impact it has on one’s identity, which is ultimately tied to one’s personal brand.


We go deep into:

💡how and why high-quality nutrition and fitness support mental wellness 

💡what impact mental health has on being our best version

💡why accountability is key

💡why wellness promotes productivity

💡how self-efficacy helps get important health gains

Self-efficacy is related to four characteristics:

    • Mastery
    • Surrounded by like-minded people who are successful
    • Verbal persuasion
    • Physiological characteristics

💡how to go from an “I must-do” to an “I get to”

It’s about being goal-driven and choosing strategies that align with our goals and building skills we can rely on to achieve them. It is about developing skills that become habits and ultimately become part of our identity. It is a non-negotiable that “gets us to do” things instead of “must-do”. 

💡Karen also gives helpful advice to entrepreneurs and busy corporates to prioritize their health and fit it into their busy schedules.

She suggests starting with these first three steps:

      1. What are the goals that I have? And why do I have those particular goals?
      2. What is it that I am willing to adapt to my own environment so that I can make time for that?
      3. What actions do I want to/need to take?

✨”Pick some goals, make some time, and then actually commit because there’s no change without change, right?”💫


Karen is one of two sensei at Tigers Eye Life. With Tigers Eye Life Karen and her partner support busy professionals with successful strategies in fitness, nutrition, metabolism, and stress management. 

She combines an incredible breadth and depth of experience. She draws on all of it to skilfully work with clients: an engineering sense of systems, a researcher’s creativity and problem-solving, an educator’s ability to learn and translate information so others can use it, decades of leadership coaching and mentoring for hundreds of people, the highly developed skill of listening to others, an insatiable curiosity with an inquiring mind, and a variety of content expertise in psychology, neuroscience, science, mindset work, leadership, nutrition, metabolism and exercise science.

✨*Brands are fundamental to one’s business to one’s career. And even if you work in a business that’s not your own, you are your own personal brand. So you can always show up as your best self.”💫



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