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✨“Brands: Expression”💫 — Krystal Hille

Want to become an international best-selling author so that your passion can ignite global change and enhance your authority and reach?

Tune in and learn firsthand from Krystal, CEO of Hille House Publishing, all about it.

We are also going deep into the importance of 

💡having an abundance mindset to become a successful and conscious business owner and 

💡being an authentic personal brand to claim leadership

What differentiates Krystal Hille from other publishing houses is that it’s not only about publishing a book. It’s really a personal development for her authors that she brings about. It’s an up levelling. No matter where they’re at in their journey, whether they have been two years into their journey, or they’ve developed their own methodology and are already established. It’s about really claiming that next level. It’s stepping into their next level of their leadership.

A multi author book can also enhance your personal brand. For Krystal a personal brand is an extension of our own personality. It’s an externalization of colors, shapes and symbols through the logo of who we are on the inside. You want to express your identity and what you have created to the world. It’s an extension of who you are.

As an author you’re putting yourself, your essence and aspect of your story out there. When you are clear in your messaging, you radiate that out, both energetically and through the practical tools of a book. By intentionally doing so, readers get to see and learn about you and your essence. 

Being an international best selling author gives you additional credibility and authority. It ultimately helps you to draw more people into your world.


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