AdaPia d’Errico


✨“Wealth is free freedom and abundance in time, resources, and relationships.”💫   — AdaPia d’Errico

Tune in to my conversation with AdaPia D’Errico, a visionary entrepreneur, investor, and advisor.
She shares with us her journey of co-founding businesses, and launching brands in industries – from art and media to fintech and real estate.



💡AdaPia provides us with her wisdom on how we can integrate both in our lives, building wealth, and simultaneously design a meaningful life that makes an impact.

💡Furthermore, AdaPia gives ready-to-implement wealth management advice to women, especially, those who start their own businesses from scratch.

Three things AdaPia recommends for women when engaging in wealth management:

  1. Make space in your business, in your finances, and treat your personal finances like a business. Put money aside to invest for yourself. The lack of financial stability is one of the greatest stressors that you can face in life. 
  2. Be knowledgeable about money. There are many resources online, there are communities, investment groups, and other places where you can ask for help. Find someone to talk to, where you can openly ask questions.
  3. Start to take action among some of those investments, which can be small things. Maybe do it in a community setting.

✨“Enlightened leadership means being true to yourself and leading from your heart. Enlightened is I know myself and I lead from that place.” 💫

💡We also discuss how we can be our best selves. AdaPia presents us with her take on what an authentic personal brand means and why building one is important.

Authenticity means everything to AdaPia. She learned through her spiritual journey that she doesn’t have to be someone different for someone else. 

✨“If I can be myself, if I can trust myself, if I can love myself to be myself, then it’s not as much work, it’s so much easier and it’s more natural so I can have more natural interactions and conversations. That to me is the personal brand. It is me being myself.”

It doesn’t have to be a built-out brand. It simply has to be comfortable with exactly who you are. You are a personal brand when knowing yourself and being who you are.

✨“A brand is an expression of values”💫  — AdaPia d’Errico


AdaPia is an international author, powerful keynote speaker, and sought-after voice in crowdfunding, capital raising, and enlightened leadership. 

AdaPia is a Principal at Alpha Investing, a boutique real estate private equity firm, and the co-founder of Womxn of Wealth, an organization dedicated to empowering women to take wealth creation firmly into their own hands. 

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