Marie-Luise Karger


Join me in my conversation with Marie-Luise Karger who started her company mPower-Marketing.Kommunikation as a solopreneur. She talks about how and why she started her own business,  about why personality and finding your niche are key for building a brand, and how she brings her own business and her family under one umbrella!



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Marie-Luise Karger is a certified Online Marketing Expert and continuously engages in further education in current topics of Marketing, Graphic & PR Topics, Project Management and Leadership Trainings.

She was working in different leading positions in Austria and abroad, for example in France, Germany, Japan, and Spain.

In 2012, she founded her own company Mpower-Marketing.Kommunikation.

Marie Luise Karger’s company website mPower-Marketing.Kommunikation

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