🎙Recently I had the pleasure to be guest on the “how to Be global” podcast hosted by Sarah Rapp.

It was fun to being interviewed for a change! Role reversal of being a guest instead of the host this time. I have to admit I really enjoyed it and could have talked for hours; I just could not stop telling all the different brand stories I had on my mind. I am sure there will be other opportunities coming up to continue these!

Just to give you a brief overview of what I have covered in this podcast before you tune in:

I opened up my heart and told a little bit of my own personal story, my development of what made me what I am today!

I started with my time as a flight attendant flying across the globe, sometimes covering five different continents a month. My stories of how I became aware of cultural differences early on in life such as that a “yes” does not necessarily mean “yes” or what the concept of “saving face” means and how important it is to put yourself into a person’s shoe coming from a totally different culture than yours.

I also share some interesting brand stories of global expansion I use to teach at universities. Hard to believe I have been teaching now for eighteen years in the field of global marketing management and strategic brand management. Time literally flies by! One of the brand stories I picked is the unsuccessful market entry of Kellogg’s in India, we can learn from a lot. It showcases nicely of how not to do it, conversely, how vital it is for a brand to adapt and consider cultural differences in order to successfully enter culturally diverse markets. That you need to have a clear understanding of your target market. That you need to know exactly who your customer is. That you need to be clear about their wants, needs, desires and how you create value for them, how you can satisfy them better than any other competitor out there. I also mention some best practice examples of local adaptation, such as Colgate’s market entry strategy in China, or Colgate’s invention strategy to make inroads in the Indian market. 

Furthermore, I touch on some brand success stories of how brands can leverage a brand they have developed in a foreign market and later on introduced this brand to a specific target group in their home market, for example, Denizen by Levis or Coke Minute Maid Pulpy in China.

I also prepared some key takeaways for successful global branding strategies!

Tune in to the “how to Be global” podcast episode and listen to the whole story and get the key takeaways! Enjoy! 

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