Brand Manager

“Brands should do their part in making the world a better place where possible”
Sara Zaidi

In this BrandsTalk episode I am in conversation with Sara Zaidi to talk about the 200 year old corporate brand RB that houses many different brands – such as Finish, Calgon, Durex, Lysol, Harpic, Cillit Bang, Air Wick, and Vanish to name a few – in the consumer health and hygiene sector.  


Sara shares insights …

💡about changes and shifts of consumer behavior and of how sales have changed due to COVID in the hygiene and health category  

💡how RB uses emotional appeals in communicating with customers

💡what the current and future trends are in terms of technology or tools marketers use to communicate with their audience.

💡in how its brand Finish has adapted to local markets in order to connect with target customers and, ultimately,  establish a strong brand in these distinctive markets.  

💡in what incredible ways RB is a sustainable and purpose driven company 

💡how they have built their strategy around the “sustainable mindset paradox” .

Sara Zaidi is truly a global person. Originally from Texas, she did her Bachelor in Marketing at the University of Texas at Austin. Then followed up with her CEMS Master of International Management at WU Vienna in Austria and at ESADE Business and Law in Barcelona, Spain. She did internships in the US and Germany and, eventually, started her career at RB in London almost three years ago. 

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