Zahrina Robertson


✨“I don’t think you can go out there and build a brand without a purpose. Because there’s no, you’re wasting time.”💫 — Zahrina Robertson

Zahrina does visual brand audits on people. With the data, she receives, she helps her clients understand what’s missing with their photography and videos for social media, Facebook, LinkedIn websites, etc., from their brand.

She really gives them a kickstart to exactly figure out and guides them where to start.

✨”Sometimes we get clouded over about we don’t know what we don’t know.”💫 — Zahrina Robertson

Tune in to this delightful conversation with Zahrina Robertson, an award-winning photographer, videographer, speaker, and author.


Zahrina teaches us all things photography and videography to bring your best version to shine.

She gives us best practice advice to increase our visual presence and provides her perspective on personal branding and how to strengthen it to become our best version.


Zahrina has been engaged as a speaker for Westfield, WOW Women and ICALM, Business In Heels and more. She was head hunted by Arianna Huffington from the world’s largest online publication, The Huffington Post. Zahrina is a highly sought-after speaker – conducting workshops on personal branding to guide and motivate corporates, start-ups and entrepreneurs to success.

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