Silvia Blahacek

Marketing Manager
Ritter Sport

✨“A life without chocolate is possible but pointless” —Silvia Blahacek – Marketing Manager Ritter Sport


Silvia Blahacek shares with us:

💡 what the RitterSport name is all about,

💡 the story behind the invention of the squared format of Ritter Sport chocolate,

💡 Ritter Sport’s vision and mission,

💡 the shared values that Ritter Sport as a brand stands for,

💡 Ritter Sport’s different chocolate inventions and where the special taste of its chocolate comes from,

💡 why its chocolate line ‘Cacao y nada’ is not allowed being called a chocolate even though it is pure chocolate,

💡 why and how Ritter Sport aims to have the right ingredients for every taste,

💡 why the chocolate sector in general has been enjoying some growth during COVID,

💡 the brand’s global localizations strategies,

💡 Ritter Sport’s sustainability efforts.

Tune in and don’t miss this chocolaty talk! 💫


Silvia Blahacek has been marketing manager with Ritter Sport Chocolate since 2019.

As communications expert, her focus lies on strategic brand leadership, conceptualization of projects and innovation.

Moreover, she is a systemic coach helping her clients to get clarity and develop professionally and personally! It is the change of perspective that helps people as well as brands to develop and make progress.

She is a graduate of the University of Applied Sciences for Management & Communication

As a side note: she likes her work to be more on the challenging side!

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