Dee Holstine Vander Valk

Founder & CEO

✨“Brands: ways of conveying your beliefs and value you offer to the world.”💫— Dr. Dee Holstine Vander Valk

Dee Holstine Vander Valk brings new and challenging concepts together in open and innovative conversations with clients, audiences, and readers – with storytelling, humor, authenticity, data, strategies, and humility. In this conversation, Dee talks about how to uncover, recover, discover, and use the single most powerful tool at your disposal: your voice!

In specific Dee explains:
💡the lies we tell ourselves in the context of impostor syndrome
➡️ she gives advice on how to deal with imposter syndrome and how not to listen to the lies we tell ourselves
➡️ knowing that words have power and you always have a choice, she gives advice to young girls to be courageous in not to be silent (and liked) but be heard (and unpopular)
💡what psychologically safe disruptive thinking is about
💡what a personal brand and being your authentic self means to her
➡️ she gives helpful advice on how we can powerfully strengthen our personal brand

Dee works with brilliant women+ (and their allies/organizations) that seek to lift themselves and other women+ up to achieve meaning and impact in their lives.

Dee is a sought after international keynote speaker and author, facilitator, coach, and consultant, specializing in upskilling and empowering individuals’ and corporations’ journeys to make sure women’s (+) voices are heard, womens’(+) stories are told, and womens’(+) contributions are seen. She is also the creator of the upcoming “ABCs for a New World: Including TEE”.

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