Marc Snyderman


✨“Brands: Authenticity and showing who you really are” 💫 — Marc Snyderman

I am excited to have Marc Snyderman is a Business Attorney | Disruptive Entrepreneur | #1 Amazon Best Selling Author

Marc is not believing in traditional law firm models as they are simply not sustainable going forward. He took a different approach, went the unconventional route, and disrupted it from the bottom up. He made it a subscription model to make it affordable for small and midsize businesses.

💡In this episode you learn all about Marc’s journey of being a disruptive entrepreneur and so much more! 

He dives deep into the other roles he plays besides being an attorney.

The role as

💡a thought leader in his field,

💡the founder of “The Virtual Cocktail Club”,

💡a bestselling author with his book “Leading through the pandemic: Unconventional Wisdom from Heartfelt Leaders”. 

💡He shares his perspective on what an authentic personal brand means. 

💡Moreover, since Marc has a knack for branding he provides his valuable thoughts about how important branding is to business success.

Get in touch with Marc Snyderman:

Instagram:  Disruptive Entrepreneur (@marcsnyderman) • Instagram photos and videos
LinkedIn:  Marc Snyderman | LinkedIn
Twitter:  Marc Snyderman (@MarcSnyderman) / Twitter


Book: Leading Through the Pandemic

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