Melanie Spring


✨”Mindset is something I work on every single day, and I would ask the world to be able to take some time to focus on their own mindset each day as they wake up.”💫

It’s time to stop apologizing for who we are and start showing up and showing off our brilliance. That’s the message of our latest BrandsTalk podcast episode featuring Melanie Spring, a renowned creative visionary who is known as the “approachable badass” of branding.

Melanie has helped countless people tap into their power and find their unique voice and in this episode,

💡 she shares her insights on how to create a personal brand that aligns with a company brand.

💡 We discuss the importance of building a team of storytellers who can help amplify your brand message and create a feeling that resonates with your ideal customers.

💡 Melanie also shares her favorite story of a brand that had a breakthrough while working with her. It’s a powerful example of how branding isn’t just about the colors or fonts you use, but the feeling you create with your audience.

✨”Storytelling needs to be done so much more with authenticity and genuine love for other people.”💫

Creative visionary Melanie Spring has over 20 years of experience helping others build their personal and professional brands, giving them the tools to show up and show off. Melanie is a dynamic international keynote speaker, leadership development expert, and speaker trainer who works with entrepreneurs, business leaders, and CEOs of household brand names and Fortune 500 companies.


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