Brigitte Bojkowszky

hosted by Kathryn Read

✨“It’s really about humanizing your brand”💫

Recently I was a guest on “International Expansion Explained”, a live show hosted by Kathryn Read, an international sales and marketing consultant to discuss about the new truth of global branding and the ways brands are becoming more personal.

💡We dive deep into

  • how companies are globalizing their brands, especially since the start of the pandemic
  • what trends companies need to be keeping an eye on right now in the international branding space
  • why branding has become more personal and less “corporate” on an international level
  • how smaller companies can benefit from these changes to be more successful on the international stage with their businesses and what they should definitely avoid
  • how small to medium companies can thrive further, who already have taken the first steps to expand internationally
  • five different global customer groups and their demands that brands can utilize to serve them best.

✨”Strong brands like to collaborate with other strong brands, but there’s always the people behind it to start that.”💫

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